About SLI

About SLI
The Mission of Strategic Learning Initiatives is to work with schools to dramatically improve classroom practice and district results.

The key to our success in our hometown, Chicago, is that we use the power of research as the guide to improving results in the classroom. Chicago is home to the best long-term research in the nation revealing what works—and what doesn’t—in education. We bring the best of that research and the best research from the world of business that tells us about total quality improvement to each of the schools where we work.

We know the qualities that must be present in a school in order for it to succeed. We work with our schools, principals, teachers and parents to ensure those qualities are present.

In schools where Strategic Learning Initiatives is at work, teachers teach, re-teach, and teach again until every student achieves mastery and the entire school moves forward.

Strategic Learning Initiatives Provides three services:

The SLI Focused Instruction Process (FIP) — SLI's research-based approach to working with individual schools, networks of schools, and entire districts to bring turnaround performance to our schools, without the disruption, controversy (or high price tag) of many, less-well-proven, alternatives.

The SLI Workshops — Some schools don’t need a turnaround strategy, but in every school there is room for improvement. SLI offers Professional Development Workshops for principals and teachers and Parent Engagement Workshops for parents and caregivers.

The SLI Early Childhood Program — Research shows that building a foundation for understanding instructions and learning capacity early in a child’s life translates directly into stronger performance in school. The Early Childhood Program prepares children and their families for the learning opportunities they will encounter in school.