Focused Instruction Process

About FIP
The Focused Instruction Process uses research-based strategies and the SLI team’s decades of experience in improving public schools to dramatically improve student performance and school results in a remarkably short period of time. It empowers school staff and parents to use their untapped ideas, energy and commitment to improve their results.

The process can be used in individual schools, networks of schools, and in entire districts to bring turnaround performance without the disruption, controversy (or high price tag) of many, less well-proven alternatives.

The Focused Instruction Process (FIP) features these key elements:

Grounded in Research

o FIP is grounded in research done over the course of the past 20 years by the University of Chicago’s Consortium on School Reform Research and other systemic models. It’s approach is based on what research shows are the qualities needed in a school in order for it to succeed. We combine that knowledge with the best that the world of business tells us about continuous quality improvementl to produce a process for learning that is second to none.

Data Based

o FIP is a data driven process, using classroom observation and teacher-selected assessments on a regular basis rather than relying on once a year statewide testing. Teachers and students get the results back the next day, and can use them right away to improve learning.

Motivates Students

o Students are motivated to do well on each lesson. Students who reach mastery are provided with enrichment activities, and students who need additional instruction are provided small group tutoring. Entering into Red, Yellow, and Green groups for enrichment or additional tutoring motivates the students to want to learn and to help each other to move forward into the next group.

Requires Teacher Collaboration

o Teachers become less isolated by attending regular meetings with their school leadership team and grade level teams, both inside the school and across all schools in the network. A shared instructional calendar and input into the shared assessment tools from across the network provide teachers and school leadership teams with a new and strong common ground. As a team they identify what is working and what is not.

Engages Parents

o Parents are engaged. Following the same instructional calendar used by the teachers, workshops for families teach how to support children’s learning at home.

The Focused Instruction Process is a process, not a program. While programs come and go, a process can be continuously improved and adapted by the teachers, parents and administrators. It can be adjusted quickly to meet the particular needs of different schools and it is low cost per school.

The process is successful because it is grounded in 40 years of education and business-related systemic research on high performance organizations. In only a short time the process becomes the norm, and a new learning culture is established for both the adults and the children in the school.

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