Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SLI Work in Los Angeles, California

In December Strategic Learning Initiatives started working with a charter school in downtown Los Angeles called Para Los Niños. The school is located in the skid row area of LA and there are about 400 students in grades K-6. SLI's work at the school has been focused on introducing, implementing and supporting the FIP 8-step instructional model for the purpose of improving student achievement. The teachers and students are committed to the process and as you can see from the pictures felt ready to beat the CST-California Standards Test.

                                                                              (Click on the collage for a larger view)

Notice the pinata that students used to literally "Beat the CST" (California's State Standardized Assessment!) You can see that teachers even had "Beat the CST" drawn on their faces. Classrooms created banners for their doors which illustrated supportive sayings for the students taking the test.

                                                                                 (Click on the collage for a larger view)
SLI wishes all of the students at the Para Los Ninos school tremendous success on the CST!

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