Friday, July 1, 2011

Sharpen Student Reading Skills Over the Summer

Sharpen Student Reading Skills

 Over the Summer

Here are a few ideas to share with your children or students to keep them focused during the summer:

*     When you read billboards or signs in restaurants and stores, try to determine the author's purpose.

*     When eating dinner with your family, tell about your day in the correct sequence.  What happened first, next, and so forth.

*     Summarize someone else's story into a few sentences.

*     Tell the main idea of a movie you've seen or television show you’ve watched recently.

*     When you follow a recipe or map, be careful to follow the instructions carefully.

*     When sitting in a waiting room, notice the other people in the room.  What can you infer from their body language, their clothing, the words they use, etc.? 

*     Do the people you encounter remind you of a character in a book?  Who?  Why?

*     Practice making comparisons:  How are two people you know alike or different?  How were today’s events like yesterday?  How is your life similar to that of a famous person? 

*     Think about the lyrics in the music you like.  How does the writer use figurative language like a poet?

SLI hopes these skill based strategies will keep little minds sharp during the summer months! Enjoy!

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  1. These are great ideas for a lot of grade levels, and could be used anytime. Not just summer. But they seem like they would be fun enough and open-ended enough that parents and children alike would find the conversation something to look forward to.