Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Spotlight on a Staff Member

Congratulations to the October Spotlight Staff Member of the Month: Frances Starks!!!

Fran took a few minutes from her busy schedule to let us get to know her a little better. Join us in reading about this fabulous woman!!

SLI: Fran, how did you become involved in our organization?
FS: Charlotte Blackman introduced me to SLI.

SLI: What is one of the biggest changes you'd like to see in schools in the future?
FS: Commitment to one initiative that is comprehensive in improving achievement.

SLI:What are you currently reading?
FS: Make a Joyful Noise. It is a history of gospel music, written by a friend, Kathy Kemp.

SLI: Who inspires you, Fran?
FS: God inspires me, and those with whom I work. They are such dedicated educators.

SLI: What are your favorite past times?
FS: Reading and playing with my grandchildren.

SLI:Where would your dream vacation take you?
FS: Tahiti or someplace tropical.

SLI: Can you share a secret about yourself with us?
FS: I am insecure in many ways.

SLI:Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
FS: I hope I'll still be around in ten years, vacationing three times a year.

Well, Fran, you certainly inspire us every day!! Congrats!

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