Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Spotlight Staff Member

Welcome to February's installment of SLI's Staff Member of the Month!  This month we are featuring an outstanding professional development team manager and facilitator.  She is a former classroom teacher and librarian.  She continues to set the bar amazingly high for all of us. Congratulations to this month's featured staff member: Terezka Jirasek.  Let's get to know a little more about this outstanding woman!

SLI: How did you become involved with SLI?
TJ: I started working for SLI after being a teacher participant in their workshops with the Chicago Learning Collaborative for three years at John Spry Community School.

SLI: Why did you choose to become involved in education?
TJ: I chose to become a teacher after 13 years as a long term care administrator followed by a year working with runaway/throw away kids in Hollywood.  During that very pivotal time, I learned that next to parents, teachers had the greatest impact on their young, challenging lives. With that inspiration, I returned to school and studied for my Master's in Teaching.

SLI: We'd like to get a little silly with you now.  Have you ever been mistaken for a celebrity? If so, who?
TJ: It's never happened to me and I really can't think of anyone.

SLI: What is the best movie you have seen lately?
TJ: Hmmm...Does The Sound of Music count?

SLI: Did your parents ever tell you why they chose your name?
TJ: No, but I think I'll ask my mom!!

SLI: If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
TJ: I'd like to think of myself as yellow: being bright, spreading light, and trying to radiate sunshine.

SLI: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
TJ: Coconut

SLI: Which grade in school was your favorite and why?
TJ: Second grade was awesome! I could read and I had a truly loving, wonderful teacher named Mother Petra. I tried to always remember her unending kindness when I taught 2nd graders.

SLI: Do you have any pets?
TJ: Not currently, but I definitely consider myself to be a dog-person!

Thanks so much to Terezka for taking the time to tell us about herself! Congratulations on being the spotlight staff member of the month!!

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  1. Terezka, You are totally a yellow crayon!! :-) Always sunny, smiling and cheerful!! Perfect color choice for you!!