Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May's SLI Spotlight Parent

This month's Spotlight Parent is:
Rosa Diaz

Let's take a few moments to get to know a little bit about Rosa Diaz, an amazing parent facilitator.

SLI: Rosa, how did you become involved in the SLI Family Engagement Program?
RD: I attended the a parent workshops at Edwards School and I was the Vice-President of the Biligual Program at Edwards.  On one occasion, the principal, Ms. Sauri, asked me to become part of the team of volunteer parent facilitators with SLI.

SLI: Why do you feel the work that SLI does is important?
RD:  It is very important because SLI trains us for the parent workshops to facilitate for the parents of our school. This way we can help our children.

SLI: Tell us something about yourself.
RD: I am a person that likes to be friendly.  I like to listen to people, especially when they have a certain problem.  I like to help them find solutions.

Thank you to Rosa Diaz for her dedication to her children and Edwards School! You are a parent to be recognized!!!

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