Monday, June 13, 2011

Early Childhood Workshops at Cardenas School

One of our Early Childhood workshops focuses on environmental print. That’s print in everyday life: symbols, signs, numbers, colors, etc.Some resources are: billboards, newspapers, food packages, menus, catalogs, coupons, sales ads to name a few. It’s a great way to start teaching children to read and write.

Here’s a picture of parents at Cardenas school creating a “Baggie Book” using pictures from sale ads, magazines and clip art.

A finished product – “My Favorite Foods” book

We ask parents to bring the work that they created at home with their children to the next workshop.  Here are a few examples from Cardenas school.

In the first picture one family created a letter matching game using large letters from the newspaper.

In the second picture one family created a picture matching games using grocery store sale ads.

In the next picture one family created a memory matching game using newspaper sales ads.

Congratulations to all of the parents who came to the Early Childhood Workshops at Cardenas School! You are dedicated to helping your children succeed in school and in life!

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