Friday, June 10, 2011

Edwards' Center for Young Learners

The Edwards School Center for Young Learners and Strategic Learning Initiatives recently completed a fantastic year together!

11 parents had perfect attendance for the Early Childhood workshops at Edwards Center for New Learners. They received a framed certificate and a goodie bag filled with educational items to use with their children!

Everyone in attendance at the last workshop received The Grouchy Ladybug book, a book titled Look How We Did It! - that’s filled with creative ways that the parents extended the workshop activities and a packet of 18 additional Learning Games!

The principal of Edwards School, Judith Sauri, sent a cake congratulating the parents for completing the program.

Pictured above are a Mom and her son having fun learning number skills.

After the last workshop a small celebration ensued.  The parents planned a surprise “Pot Luck” to “Thank” the facilitators for sharing with them all of the fun-filled educational activities to do with their children. Everyone was sad to see the program end, but shared the many exciting things that they learned this year!!

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